sebastian deri's website

hi there. sebastian deri is a fairly uncommon name. so i think you found who you're looking for. congrats! and thanks for stopping by.


here's my cv and google scholar page


research statement

1: i am a fifth year phd student in psychology at cornell. i'm interested in the internet's effects on people and society. previously, i've done research on political polarization, social comparison, deception, and misperceptions of social influence. i've also done research at facebook and nokia bell labs. i like working on interdisciplinary teams.

2: i am, for now, supported by a 4-year fellowship, called the NDSEG, which comes from money from the department of defense. i am honored that my country would make this investment in my career and ideas.

3: i support the movements to make scientific materials, data, and papers free, open, and accessible, the results of scientific research more reproducible, replicable and statistically credible.

ongoing projects

here's a list of ongoing research projects, presented publically partly to keep myself accountable for finishing them

  • review paper on: does internet use cause "polarization", and how?
  • how do humans compare to computers at lie detection, and can the skills of both be combined?
  • are we more likely to believe "big" lies? and what is a big lie anyway?
  • other

  • how much is a lottery ticket worth?
  • a digital hourglass, using RShiny (in progress)