sebastian deri's website

hi there. sebastian deri is a fairly uncommon name. so i think you found who you're looking for. congrats! and thanks for stopping by.


here's my cv and google scholar page


research statement

1: i am a fourth year doctoral student in psychology at cornell. currently, i'm interested in deception and the internet's effects on people and society. previously, i've done research on political polarization, social comparison, and misperceptions of social influence. i've also interned and done research at facebook and nokia bell labs. i like working on interdisciplinary teams. i jump around, and start more than i finish--a quality i am not proud of.

2: i am, for now, supported by a 4-year fellowship, called the NDSEG, which comes from money from the department of defense. without a doubt, this award is the proudest professional achievement of my life. i am honored that my country would invest literal money in my career and ideas. i feel a sense of obligation to make that investment worth their while.

3: i am deeply troubled by problems that the methodological reform and open science movements have revealed about social psychology specifically, as well as science (e.g. social science, biological sciences) more generally. i support efforts to be more open and rigorous and find the burying-of-head-in-sand reactions of some to be shameful and detrimental to the reputation and long-term health of our field. we all need to do better.

ongoing projects

here's a list of ongoing research projects, presented publically partly to keep myself accountable for finishing them

  • review paper on: does internet use cause "polarization", and how?
  • how do humans compare to computers at lie detection, and can the skills of both be combined?
  • are we more likely to believe "big" lies? and what is a big lie anyway?
  • what happens when you put kids through a turing test?
  • in what ways can embracing neurodiversity protect against stigma surrounding mental illness?
  • personal things

    i imagine most people coming to this website are doing so for professional or professional-ish reasons. but here is a little part of the internet staked out just for me!, and it feels like a waste to only use it for career-ee stuff. it's a little exhilirating to be able to broadcast "directly" to the world in some sense. in the flavor of the pre-massively-corporate, pre-heavily-polarized internet--one of blogs, chatrooms, and personal websites--which i caught only the tail end of, but feel like i understand and support in spirit, here are a few not particularly important blog-ee/list-ee type stuff and other errent thoughts i want to send from my machine to yours:

  • spice
  • books
  • movies
  • music
  • quotes
  • mountain biking
  • final thoughts

    reminder to myself: be kind, assume the best, value diversity and imagination . i know that's all a little cheesy, but hey -- there's worse things than being cheesy and it seems worth concluding on something nice.